Starting a New Petition Against Carrying the Weapon


From the year 1994 to the year 2004, federal law banned the sale of many types of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. However, the law expired and has not been renewed. A few states have maintained bans on the assault weapon.

In the US, several people are restricted from owning a firearm; they include those with criminal records, drug addicts, mentally unfit and illegal immigrants. The list of those prohibited is long. Law requires gun dealers to conduct a check using a database provided by the F.B.I., to ascertain the eligibility of the person to own a gun. The bill, however, has flaws in that there lacks a complete listing of criminal cases.

Lack of laws governing the use of firearms has led to the death of many people most of them being innocent children. We are thus starting a petition to have government restrict availability and use of guns in the US.

Unload the Guns

Guns have become a problem in this the US. Mere conflicts result in the loss of lives. Mass shootings are common, and many men, women, and children have died. Suicide reports are on the rise every day. Children access weapons and shoot family members.

There are many ways which can make it possible to end killings with guns. We have remained silent, and we are witnessing deaths from guns in our neighborhoods now and then. Going into public places feels insecure. We also are insecure in our homes. Owning a gun is not the solution.

Majority of Americans want the violence to end;

  • Gun sellers, gun owners to gun safety advocates
  • Democrats, Independents, and Republicans
  • Upcountry and city dwellers
  • Citizens and immigrants.

Interpreting the Constitution

Interpreting the second amendment has become a problem. We are divided, and we do not see that we even mistrust each other. All this stems from the refusal to have a common view on the source of gun violence. Politics around the issue right to bear firearms are annoying since they make it impossible to have an amicable solution and end the misuse of guns. Let’s rise and with one voice, and holding hands support each other to come up with a relevant approach.


We reiterate that gun violence is of primary concern in American land. Unload the guns petition aims at supporting lawmakers of both houses in support of ending the gun crimes. We offer them the perfect ground to advance the agenda at the national level. Many of the representatives and senators fear that they will not win elections that follow if they passed bills that touched on the guns.

The National Rifle Association could be an obstacle to this petition. NRA makes vast contributions that make the Congress avoid the question of stopping gun violence. We are asking them not to fear to reject the funds and create a path to having a safe America.

Unload the guns petition seeks to have the licensed guns unload their weapons when in public places. This will significantly reduce the number of mass shootings. It will also minimize suicide deaths and homicides. If the gun is not loaded, its potential to cause harm is decreased.

We are holding conferences to push the petition. We are also using our website, technology, and social media platforms to expand the chances of reaching many people as possible to have the appeal, and the law courts act accordingly. Help us by sharing this message with family members and friends.

In conclusion, we should all play a role in confronting gun violence. They say majority wins; if we join hands, we will help drive a consensus and eventually achieve the desired decline in gun violence. Unloads the guns, trust each other and reduce incidences of gun mishandling.