also intends to keep you up to date on a variety of events in the US and wide. Majorly events of public interest, politics, society and values as follows:

New Conspiracists

The event brings together conspiracists to talk about US politics. On this day, these people try to expound on the issues of the world among them revolutionary theories. It is hugely powered by communications technology and dawned from the election of a conspiracist in the US in 2016. The event disenfranchises democratic institutions in the US. The event will this year occur on 14 November 2018.

Thanksgiving Day History-22 November 2018

This event happens on the 22nd of November every year. The event is a day to show gratefulness for good harvest and blessings of the previous year. The day is set aside for members of a family and friend to celebrate and give thanks to God for his grace and generosity. The day evolved from the past is the Reformation Period and is dominated by prayers, feasting and special thanksgiving ceremonies.

On November, there are lesser events in the United States. will keep you posted on these events over time to allow you to join others in celebrating special events that bring us together.