Today people so much attention on the much they add to their pockets and plates. We have forgotten that society keeps eroding with the existing nature of politics. There might be no place to get that money from if we do not solve the focal problems facing society to avoid development problems that could be catastrophic and a threat to our existence. For this purpose, we started this blog to keep you on the loop about a lot but not just criticism.

A voice for the people

People are afraid; people have gotten tired of talking about issues, people have shifted their minds to something else. Our generations might not have their survival as we have and having someone that fights for them is essential. Not many soldiers go to war on their own. Gan-net through writing will be able to speak for the people and with the people. We know that in the end that the issues that face people in the US shall pass.


The killer disease today could be lack of information. We have thought of the people that know about what goes around them, and we have found not many. We are in a technological world that gives us access to information wherever we are. For this purpose, Gan-net is looking at making people informed about the issues in society. People knowing the problems they are facing will allow for participation in shaping policies that work.


Not only are we going to surround ourselves with information about the issues in society. Gan-net is looking at educating people. For instance, there are parts of the constitution that most people do not know about. Being able to educate people about the law of their country, not only enlightens them but also makes them understand how to deal with other aspects of life in the US like health and education.

Discussion and solution goal culminates into actually triggering public discourse about issues that face their society. The United States meet a lot; some trivialities hugely affect people, they cannot tell which but they take them to their slow death every day. Being able to flag them opens the floor for ways of solving those problems.

This page, the author and its team for some reasons aims at changing the way people feel, to bring them back the glory and give them hope for a better US society tomorrow.